01/31/2014 - 22:45
Renewable Energy Development Institute - REDI

About 60 % of human's body consists of water, which has a great importance in thermoregulation, nutrition and oxigenation processes. The percentage water content in human's body depends on attitude baseline in body weight to fat, which differs from sex: the rate of such attidude in the average adult man is from 62-65% whereas the rate in the average adult woman is from 51-55%. It means that man who's weihgt is 220 pounds, his body is built from 138 pounds of water. The same situation takes place when we take into account a woman who's weight is 132 pounds, so her body consists of 68 pounds of water.

Everyday because of perspiration, excretion and respiration we lose about 3,52 pints of water, that why it's so important for us to take care of our proper irrigation what makes our body fit and healty. Very important thing is promoting by media the wellness life style based on well-balanced nutrition. Such activites lead to increased the cconsumer's awareness how important for people is H2O. Nevertheless we still have no idea how blessing it is for us.

Highly-developed countries don't appreciate the great meaning of water in their life because they treat water as something naturaly existing in their houses. From their point of view, water is just water, an ordinary liquid, not the source of healthy lifestyle. Such attitude to water leads to waste it on long baths, to which we use twice as much water as we take a quick shower. Other examples of wasting water are: miscaulking leaking taps, defrosting products under warm squirt water and much more similar situations. Water polution with chemical substances is as common as its wasting. Frightening statistics show us that in about 14 pints of sweet water we find about 1,76 pints of sewages.

If we don't stop waste water and treat it as sometihng obvious in our life, there's nothing change and citizens of poor countries won't live normal, in proper conditions. The lack of water, esspecially drinkable water, pushed people to migrations for many hours to their sources, hours of cleaning it, even to fight with microbes. In Third World Countries water is a blessing which all people should smartly dose.

Asian and African inhabitants respect every single drop of water, because as we can see in statistics, they have only 8,8 pints of water to fulfill their needs during the day whereas in fact the minimum we should use per day is 4 times more. In addition, the water very often is undrinkable. To make this situation more visible to you that there are really big gap between people from rich and poor countires, let's have a look into statistics one more time: an average European family uses about 350-530 pints per day whereas inhabitant from Mozambic uses only 17.

World Health Organization rises the alarm. The only way to avoid dehydration and other diseases death is to make people more awareness of such threats. Every second an innocent human all over the world dies, every fifteen seconds dies a small child who has no access to drinkable water. Let's use this data to rise our awareness that water can help one's life. Te only thing we have to do is to care of it.


People are forever trying to find new sources of renewable energy, so it isn’t surprising that they are especially interested in water and its versatility. Accordingly, much effort has been directed into obtaining energy from tidal and wave power, which are defined as circular movements of water molecules caused by wind that moves water surface through friction.