02/04/2014 - 15:15
Renewable Energy Development Institute - REDI

The controversial idea of building next wind power stations in East-Central Europe is gradually implementing thanks to Portugal wind power stations developer. EDP Renovaveis is working effectively in RSE sector and plans next wind and photovoltaic investments.

Joao Neto, the CEO of EDP Corporation claims that building New wind power stations in Romania and in Poland is beneficial venture. He is going to focus his money on such areas and use its potential.

Ventures taken by Joao Neto undoubtly will rise in revolt among the opponents of generating energy form the power of wind. But we still do not know what is the opinion of countries interested in this idea. Last report made by PwC, which was about the changings in wind power engineering, concerns that there’s a possibility of drawing back form the idea of making the wind energy as a main renewable source of energy in 2012 in Poland. This is the only way for Poland to realize European Union’s plan of generating the energy from alternative sources. PwC’s consultants inform that investing in wind power engineering is not so profitable for country. Strict rules according to selling the energy generated from horizontal air movements decrease the dynamic of development this energy sector.

For CEZ, the Czech energetics concern, the main aim of using high potential of energy alternative sources about 3 GW, Romania seems to be the best market for placing resources. Responsible for overseas CEZ’s investments Mr Martin Pacovski sees the potential also in Polish and German market. Nearest few weeks show us which concerns will join to wind power stations building and what it brings.

Renewable sources of energy investments are not only the way of multiplication the shareholder capital but also the chance for multiplication the East-Central Europe’s capital and help to taking care for environment. Before the crucial decisions will be made in the nearest future they should be properly reconsider, because its results will be visible for all. Portuguese and Czech concerns should ask themselves if they should or shouldn’t invest? Romania, Poland and Germany have to ask themselves if they should accept wind power stations or shouldn’t?

Marta Bolarczyk

People are forever trying to find new sources of renewable energy, so it isn’t surprising that they are especially interested in water and its versatility. Accordingly, much effort has been directed into obtaining energy from tidal and wave power, which are defined as circular movements of water molecules caused by wind that moves water surface through friction.