02/04/2014 - 11:33
Renewable Energy Development Institute - REDI

The whole world forces are focused on searching larger possibilities in using renewable sources of energy. The energy that stems from renewable sources is not only a dream about the future- it is the widely used technology in the whole world nowadays.

Life in the big cities with highly developed industrial infrastructure is based on an above-the-line energy consumption and environmental pollution. The whole world is waiting for the approaching energetic revolution. One of the main challenges of the future is a clever electric energy usage. It does not mean that we should live in the darkness or without the heating. Intelligent harnessing of power resources should determinate the use of power energy. The majority of industrial countries can reduce current power consumption without lowering their citizens’ life comfort. An usual lifestyle change may have a significant impact on decrease of the carbon dioxide emission.

The main step in development of energy thrift methods should be the increase in harnessing of decentralized energy usage. Innovative systems like heat pumps air-air, ground-air, and solar collectors are the examples of the newest technologies of decentralized energy production. Above-mentioned devices are successfully used in households to warm the water and they emit a slim amount of pollutions to the environment. The harnessing of the solar energy allows to save almost 75% of traditional energy to warm the using water and 50% in central heating. The absolute solar collectors’ surface working in the European Union has amounted 16 million m2. According to The European Union’s prognosis by the end of 2012 the surface of the installed collectors will have amounted 100 million square meters.

The earth heat is a natural energy available within easy reach wherever we are. The heat pumps successfully used in geothermal installations draw the energy from renewable sources of the Earth interior, and afterwards increase its potential so that it can be used in heating the residential and industrial buildings. Simultaneously primary energy’s input is 1.2-2.3 times lower than in incinerating of the traditional fuel. The heat pumps and geothermal installations use only renewable resources of our planet and that is the reason why they do not emit detrimental carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. The use of the earth energy’s potential is a perfect way both to cut down the bills for heating and to protect our planet against harmful impact of incinerating traditional energy sources. In Switzerland about 30% of houses are heated with the heat pumps. In turn in Sweden about 50 000 such devices were mounted in 2004.

In 2011 the world investments in renewable sources of energy reached a record level of 260 milliard dollars. That means a quintuple growth comparing to 2004 year, when the total investments amounted 53, 6 milliard dollars.

The Member States of The European Union approved a common program which aim is to reach getting the energy from the renewable sources at 20% in 2020. The Information Services of the World Nuclear Association inform that Germany is going to invest 1 848 trillion dollars into development of renewable sources of energy by 2030 year. Germany also plans to make “the energetic revolution”, which is going to lead to locating the technologies of renewable energy in the centre of the new system of the electric potential energy. By 2020, 2 years before a liquidation of their nuclear power stations, Germany is going to reduce greenhouse gases to 40% and double the renewable sources of energy so that thanks to their use they could produce 35% of electric potential energy needed for a whole country. The plans contain also reduction of energy usage by 20%.

According to a German expert J. Knaak: “ Taking into consideration a measure and an amount of solar irradiance, the best place to build a solar power station in Germany can be compared to the worst one being in territory of Ukraine”. Ukraine is a country with a relatively high solar radiation intensity, which has been little used so far. Taking into account other Member States experience with an analogical insolation level it can be easily said that Ukraine can successfully use solar energy not only in Crimea and in the eastern part of the country but also in the whole territory.


In 2011 the world investments in renewable sources reached a record level of 260 milliard dollars.

Germany is to invest 1 540 trillion euros into development of renewables by 2030.  

People are forever trying to find new sources of renewable energy, so it isn’t surprising that they are especially interested in water and its versatility. Accordingly, much effort has been directed into obtaining energy from tidal and wave power, which are defined as circular movements of water molecules caused by wind that moves water surface through friction.