02/04/2014 - 13:39
Renewable Energy Development Institute - REDI

Despite our planet has still a lot of natural resources, the XXI century man achieved so advanced level of knowledge that’s way even such secrets can know. Thanks to human’s activities a human being comes to Earth’s interior, where it found the ecological source of energy called as geothermal energy.

This way of generating energy is an example of renewable energy. What is more it is an endless source of energy because of the giant size of Earth. To get the inside energy we need to make a special borehole in the ground. How is looks? The indirect method of getting inside’s energy is to crowd the cold water into ground and taking the hot water, warmed by the rocks under the crust of the Earth. The direct method consists in pipe the energy. His is rather new way of getting the energy, but very attractive to more and more continents. In 24 countries it is used geothermics as the main source of energy, while 78 countries are taking direct benefits of it. The most giant geothermal wells are in Iceland and in Philippines because the most proper place for them are volcanic and seismic activity areas. Sweden, Norway, New Zealand and Switzerland are the countries which are using the methods of generating the energy and achieving positive energetic results. In these places is producing the most energy per one resident.

Europe, one of others continents is placed on the second place in using geothermal energy in the direct way. Asia outrivals us, other continents in the right order: N USA, S USA, Africa and Oceania. In more than 32 European countries his method gained popularity in different scales and targets. What is more our continent has a first place in direct geothermal energy using for industrial scale.

The advantage of benefiting from the inside of the Earth is its independence from weather or climate conditions. This factor makes it the most desirable renewable source of energy. Additionally it is also eco-friendly way of generating energy, because it doesn’t cause any pollution during generating. Another advantage of it is the fact, that it can be generating from everywhere that’s why it could be generate locally. This let for getting the energy nearby the place of using it. Geothermal wells are completely neutral to landscape to winds power stations or water dams. Beneficial factor for such power stations is a special system based on using geothermics which is much more cheaper way of using it.

Nevertheless geothermal energy and the way of achieving it has also some disadvantages. Using of chemicals in mining process may cause to atmosphere, surface and ground water pollution with harmful gas and minerals. One of such gases is hydrogen sulfide. Low hydrogen sulfide smells as bad egg, high hydrogen sulfide is dangerous to human’s health. Geothermal plants should also control emission of harmful substances. Direct miting is based on pipe’s systems what is joining with corrosion. This is a big problem for constant supplying the energy. There are enormous costs of building such systems to generate energy and what is more they have to be built in the most energy-beneficial places.

Geothermal energy is one of the renewable power sources. This method uses the potential of our planet, which rounding in a space still surprises explorers. It’s a good way of saving because last years we saved about 308 barrel of petroleum thanks to geothermic. This source of energy prevent pollution. When we know how it use and where it place we can help to take care of environment and prevent CO2 emission to atmosphere about 142 millions tone every year. We should develop the knowledge about geothermic to use this energy in a wise way. 

People are forever trying to find new sources of renewable energy, so it isn’t surprising that they are especially interested in water and its versatility. Accordingly, much effort has been directed into obtaining energy from tidal and wave power, which are defined as circular movements of water molecules caused by wind that moves water surface through friction.