Bregus Solar Collectors 70MM 10TUBES

Bregus Solar Collectors 70MM 10TUBES

Bregus Solar Collectors 70MM 10TUBES - vacuum tube collectors of 70mm are using the newest solar technology. The use of corrugated flat
absorber with increased surface area makes them very effective.

The Bregus 70mm is a system designed on vacuum
tubes. 100% of the vacuum space is filled with 5x10-4 Pa.
This ensures effective insulation much more so than a
thermos-like vaccum. 100% of vacuum filling guarantees
minimal heat loss which enables the collector to work
effectively throughout the year, even in freezing
temperatures in the winter.

  • Instant start-up and high-performance

Solar energy transmitted directly to the heat pipe ensures rapid start-up and high-performance. The
Bregus 70mm is ready in 30 seconds. Maximum performance is reached after only 2 minutes.

  • Collector use for the entire year

Vacuum tubes are designed to absorb scattered sun light. This makes the system work efficiently
not only during sunny summer days but also during cloudy days in spring and autumn.

  • Innovative design ensures operational reliability

The innovative design has eliminated the flow of heating fluid through the vacuum tube; this ensures
high operational reliability even over long periods of stagnation and high insulation.

  • Groundbreaking system designed on dry connections only

Each of the tubes works independently from the others; this is what keeps the system running
even if one of the tubes were to get damaged. Both service and replacement work can be done
without the need to stop the entire system working.

  • Corrosion resistant fastening system

The installation is equipped with a convenient, durable and corrosion resistant fastening system.


Bregus Solar Collectors 70MM 10TUBES:

Gross area 2,012 m2, borosilicate glass 3,3
Collector efficiency parameters: 6,993 kJ/(m2K)
Stagnation temperature: 197 ºC, Optical efficiency (n0): 0,71
Coefficient of heat loss to the aperture area (a1): 2,8098 W/(m2K)
Coefficient of heat loss to the aperture area (a2): 0,01 W/(m2K2)
Insulation: 50mm rockwool with high-density 100kg/m3
Maximum working pressure: 6 bar

  • BREGUS NOMARA – NEW STANDARD The BREGUS NOMARA water tank is a multi-purpose, complex solar model, which gives wide possibilities of heat use and distribution. The main task of the tank is to provide warm utility water (W.U.W).