Bregus Shower Panel

soft water 24/7
attractive desing
easy install
easy recovering
2 instalation ways
Bregus Shower Panel

Bregus Shower Panel designed specifically for homes, apartments, condos, or anywhere you want soft water.
The Shower Water Softener's completely softens the water which removes the calcium, magnesium and up to 15ppm of iron (Shower Water Softener with Iron Control only). Iron in the water makes blond hair appear orange. Soft water also helps soap lather more, rinse faster and eliminates the minerals that cause dry, rough skin that aggravates eczema, psoriasis, skin yeast infections and itchy scalp.

Our Shower Water Softeners are easily installed.

When the Shower Water Softener collects all the minerals it can hold your water will become hard again but YOU can regenerate it with plain table salt in less than one minute! Don't be fooled by shower filters that claim to give you soft water results; these filters primarily only remove chlorine in your water. Our Shower Water Softener is a true water softener

Installation: wall mounting or installation on surface
Operating pressure (bar) 1.5-3.0
The working temperature of 4-80
Resource regeneration (recommended) to 1700 l.
Weight without water (kg) 11
Dimensions (mm) 280x140x602
  • The deironing mixture has been developed and manufactured using specialized German technology, which makes it very easy to clean the water. The iron content in groundwater often varies from traces to several tenths of mg / l. Manganese is present in amounts significantly lower than iron, and usually its content in water does not exceed several mg / liter. These elements dissolve in water in the form of many different compounds with different degrees of filtration from water. Bregus® BreMix allows you to filter these connections due to its unique composition.
  • Reverse Osmosis System Bregus® ProTech 75R is a unique filter with innovative filtering technologies, due to which the cartridges are blocked at maximum pollution and thus will inform about the need to replace them. This guarantees a prolonged service life of the membrane and a high quality of water purification. Cartridges have a universal appearance and compact size. Recovering cartridge Alkaline easily raise the pH of the water to 8-9. Such alkaline water neutralizes acidic ions to reduce the level of accumulated acid waste in the body, thus slowing down the aging process.