Bregus Protech 75

easy replace
ACF webs
reliable materials
semipermeable membranes technology
water biorevitalizer
Bregus Protech 75


Bregus ProTech 75 is an ideal setting for drinking water at home. Unique housing of pretreatment has new desing which was developed for easier replacement and create optimum conditions for treatment.

When creating a new product we consider shortcomings of the previous models, reaching the convenience in use and even improve the quality of cleaning. The latest developments in the field of cleaning helped us to optimize filter. Reliable materials have created a form that provides even distribution of flows of liquid on the surface of the Adsorbent.

The asmade ACF webs have high specific surface area and a dual-mode pore size distribution, and feature a non-woven multi-scale texture, which endows it with excellent electrochemical performance.It has higher capacitance and electrosorption capacity.

8-stage filter
working water temp. from +2 up to 38° C
Required pressure 2.8-6.0 bar
Maximum salinity 1000 ppm (mg/l)
productivity ~11 litres/hour
  • Bregus P6-60, Polycrystalline PV module 60 cells, 245-265 W
  • Bregus P6-72 Polycrystalline PV module 72 cells, 295-315 W
  • Bregus M5-72, Monocrystalline PV module 72 cells, 195-215 W
  • Bregus M5-96, Monocrystalline PV module 96 cells, 250-275 W
  • Bregus M6-72, Monocrystalline PV module 72 cells, 305-320 W
  • Bregus M6-60, Monocrystalline PV module 60 cells, 250-270 W
  • Professional deironing system Bregus BR 40 AIR As a result of the constant lowering of the water table, we are increasingly confronted with water with a high content of iron. Thanks to modern technologies and high-quality filtration backfill, it is possible to effectively neutralize almost any water. For effective, quick and long-term elimination of adverse factors that significantly affect water quality, we present the latest solutions in the European water treatment market.
  • Bregus Shower Panel designed specifically for homes, apartments, condos, or anywhere you want soft water. The Shower Water Softener's completely softens the water which removes the calcium, magnesium and up to 15ppm of iron (Shower Water Softener with Iron Control only). Iron in the water makes blond hair appear orange. Soft water also helps soap lather more, rinse faster and eliminates the minerals that cause dry, rough skin that aggravates eczema, psoriasis, skin yeast infections and itchy scalp. Our Shower Water Softeners are easily installed.