Bregus P6-72 Polycrystalline PV module 72 cells, 295-315 W

Bregus P6-72 Polycrystalline PV module 72 cells, 295-315 W

The 72-celled polycrystalline modules by Bregus Solar (power output 295 Wp up to 315 Wp, black modules up to 310 Wp) are the best fit for installations requiring higher outputs – from industrial and commercial rooftop plants to large-scale utility plants.

The P6-72 series is compliant to high international standards including EN 60068-2-68 and features a 25-year linear warranty on product outputs which further ensures your return on investments over time, thus offering you a most valuable choice also for projects in challenging conditions such as in desert-like environments.

  • High module efficiency, up to 16.23%
  • Best fit for installations requiring higher outputs
  • Highly resistant to sand and dust

Type Polycrystalline module, 6” cells, 72 cells
Output: 295 W to 315 W
Dimensions: 1957 × 992 × 50 mm
Weight: 22.5 kg
Junction box: IP67
Available in: alu and black

TÜV Nord (IEC 61215/61730-1/61730-2)
TÜV Süd (IEC 61215/61730-1/61730-2)
TÜV Süd- CE Attestation of Conformity (EN 61730-1/EN 61730-2)
TÜV Süd- Ammonia- and Salt Mist Resistance (PPP prIEC 62716)
BBA- Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)
ETL (UL 1703 2002/03/15 Ed:3 Rev:2014/05/20; ULC/ORD-C1703-01 2nd Ed 2001/01/01 Amend. 2001/10)
Intertek- Sand and Dust Certification (EN 60068-2-68)
CSA Certificate of Compliance (ULC/ORD – C1703-01, UL 1703-3rd Ed)

10 years workmanship warranty
25 years output warranty (polycrystalline): 2.5% in the 1st year,
thereafter 0.7% per year ending with 80% in the 25th year

  • The P6-D60 double-glazed solar modules by Bregus Solar, with 60 cells and power output from 245 Wp up to 265 Wp, allow for increased light transmission and lower degradation and have both decorative and shading functions. They represent the perfect choice for both building-integrated photovoltaic systems (BPIV) and building-applied photovoltaics (BAPV) construction applications.
  • One of the most appreciated and widely deployed products by Bregus Solar, the 60-celled polycrystalline modules (power output 245 Wp up to 265 Wp, black modules up to 260 Wp) represent a highly flexible solution for diverse installation types, from small home PV-systems to industrial rooftop plants and large ground surfaces.