Bregus P6-72 Polycrystalline PV module 72 cells, 295-315 W

Bregus P6-72 Polycrystalline PV module 72 cells, 295-315 W

The 72-celled polycrystalline modules by Bregus Solar (power output 295 Wp up to 315 Wp, black modules up to 310 Wp) are the best fit for installations requiring higher outputs – from industrial and commercial rooftop plants to large-scale utility plants.

The P6-72 series is compliant to high international standards including EN 60068-2-68 and features a 25-year linear warranty on product outputs which further ensures your return on investments over time, thus offering you a most valuable choice also for projects in challenging conditions such as in desert-like environments.

  • High module efficiency, up to 16.23%
  • Best fit for installations requiring higher outputs
  • Highly resistant to sand and dust

Type Polycrystalline module, 6” cells, 72 cells
Output: 295 W to 315 W
Dimensions: 1957 × 992 × 50 mm
Weight: 22.5 kg
Junction box: IP67
Available in: alu and black

TÜV Nord (IEC 61215/61730-1/61730-2)
TÜV Süd (IEC 61215/61730-1/61730-2)
TÜV Süd- CE Attestation of Conformity (EN 61730-1/EN 61730-2)
TÜV Süd- Ammonia- and Salt Mist Resistance (PPP prIEC 62716)
BBA- Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)
ETL (UL 1703 2002/03/15 Ed:3 Rev:2014/05/20; ULC/ORD-C1703-01 2nd Ed 2001/01/01 Amend. 2001/10)
Intertek- Sand and Dust Certification (EN 60068-2-68)
CSA Certificate of Compliance (ULC/ORD – C1703-01, UL 1703-3rd Ed)

10 years workmanship warranty
25 years output warranty (polycrystalline): 2.5% in the 1st year,
thereafter 0.7% per year ending with 80% in the 25th year

  • One of the most appreciated and widely deployed products by Bregus Solar, the 60-celled polycrystalline modules (power output 245 Wp up to 265 Wp, black modules up to 260 Wp) represent a highly flexible solution for diverse installation types, from small home PV-systems to industrial rooftop plants and large ground surfaces.
  • The monocrystalline SR modules by Bregus Solar (power output 195 up to 215 Wp, black mo¬dules up to 210 Wp) with 72 cells represent the next generation of Bregus Solar modules. The SR modules feature Gallium (GA) as a doping agent, which allows degradation over a longer peri¬od of time. This in turn leads to higher outputs during the overall product lifetime and allows you to pro¬duce clean energy over a longer period, also relying on higher output warranties. Thanks to their agile dimensions, the STINGRAY 72 cells are best suited for small to medium residential and industrial plants.