original shape and small dimensions
integrated unit with a pump, an expansion vessel and a solar controller
100% stainless steel
10 year guarantee
compliance with EU Directive 97/23/EC concerning pressure vessels

The original shape and small dimensions of the casing make the set look exceptionally aesthetic. However, the inspiring styling is not the only merit of this system. BREGUS MEERA is an integrated installation by the manufacturer of a tank made of a high-quality stainless steel (100%) with a pump group and a control system. The solutions applied by the engineers shorten the time and lower the costs of its installation. The installation requires only plugging it into a prepared structure with a solar collector, installation of W.U.W, and maybe another source of heat. 


- An up-to-date look harmonizing with modern accommodations 
- Economy of space in the room due to compact dimensions and a pump group, installed by the manufacturer, as well as an expansion vessel and a solar controller 
- Reliability and stability of the installation thanks to high quality materials 
- A possibility to connect a second source of heat 


Compliance with EU Directive 97/23/EC concerning pressure vessels.




Net weight

Gross weight


Dimensions of the packaging


80 kg

85 kg

Φ640 x  1745mm

720 x 720 x 1745mm

Polyurethane foam with thickness of 45-50mm
2 coils, each 10m (total length 20m)
The diameter of the coil is 22mm
Coils made from high quality stainless steel
Coils made from a corrugated pipe to increase the heat transfer surface
Heat exchanger of 2m2 surface
Immersion heater 3kW/230V (standard)
The 8L expansion vessel hydraulically connected to the heater
The controller included with the heater
The pump included with the heater
Magnesium anode (standard)
  • BREGUS ARI – THE BEST IN ITS CLASS  The BREGUS ARI water tank is the most modern and popular solar thermal solution currently available on the market. The use of advanced technology (100% stainless steel) places it at the forefront of applications requiring high performance and efficiency. The ARI model has gained recognition especially among users who value high quality and comfort. It is currently one of the most widespread solar solutions.   Compliance with EU Directive 97/23/EC concerning pressure vessels. 10 YEAR GUARANTEE!
  • Bregus Pump 25/60 Low Energy (raising up to 6m H2O) all components are made of brass flow indicator 2-12 l/min (standard) or 8-28 l/min or 8-38 l/min. with pressure valve, flow and return ball valves three-way non-return valve (10 mbar) with the man. closing option (blue) 6 bar safety valve with pressure gauge 63 mm insulated foamed polypropylene casing (155x425x150mm)