Bregus® Classic Silver RO7

Drinking water
Increased volume of replaceable pre-cleaning cartridges
Silver ions for water disinfection
Enrichment of water with natural minerals
Ionization and activation of water molecules to form groups of molecules
Bregus® Classic Silver RO7

Bregus® Classic Silver RO7 is the ideal cleaning system for people who want to get not only crystal clear water, but also take full advantage of the opportunities to ensure good health. The filter is equipped with a mineralizer and a bioceramic structuring cartridge made of tourmaline, together with a five-step base model, a total of seven purification stages. Water is not only purified, but also becomes important for the functioning of the human body. The method of water purification by reverse osmosis is considered the most qualitative of commercially available water purification.

- The increased diameter of the pre-cleaning cartridges allows you to filter out more impurities, and colloidal silver will disinfect the water. Both factors increase the life of the membrane.
- The mineralizer will provide an adequate level of minerals and trace elements in the body. Water is suitable for direct consumption in food.
- Bioceramic structuring of the cartridge takes care of the correct water structure, which will lead to tangible benefits. Thanks to the hexagonal molecular structure, water acquires the correct form, which leads to an improvement in its absorption by the body. Proper circulation of water in the body improves mood, positively affects the blood circulation of health and blood.

Cleaning steps:
1) Initial Bregus® Classic mechanical cleaning cartridge made of polypropylene fiber. Removes insoluble impurities in water larger than 5 microns. Diameter of the cartridge - up to Ø74mm
2) Cartridge carbon Bregus® Classic aGAC from antibacterial granulated activated carbon, has a diameter of Ø74mm eliminates chlorine and its derivatives and other organic impurities.
3) Cartridge of mechanical cleaning Bregus® Classic cord from polypropylene fiber. Removes insoluble impurities in water larger than 1 μm. Diameter of the cartridge - up to Ø74mm
4) Osmotic membrane. Removes up to 99% of water-soluble compounds, bacteria and viruses.
5) The linear cartridge with granular activated carbon removes volatile substances, gives the water the appropriate smell, color and taste.
6) Mineralizing cartridge saturates water with nutrients for our body.
7) Bregus® ProTech bioceramic structuring cartridge with tourmaline has four stages of water enrichment, facilitating the absorption of body water contributes to the process of saturation of our body. Infrared rays from white stone contribute to the activation of body cells, increases the concentration of oxygen in the body and helps to remove toxins from the blood. Infrared rays from black stones due to particle vibrations facilitate the movement of water between cells inside the body. The last stage is the process of mineralization of water with irreplaceable minerals that contribute to the normal functioning and development of our body.

7-stage filter
Operating temperature +2 to 38°C
Working pressure 2.8-6.0 bar
The maximum salt content of 1000 ppm (mg/l)
Capacity ~ 11 l/h
  • Professional deironing system Bregus BR 40 AIR As a result of the constant lowering of the water table, we are increasingly confronted with water with a high content of iron. Thanks to modern technologies and high-quality filtration backfill, it is possible to effectively neutralize almost any water. For effective, quick and long-term elimination of adverse factors that significantly affect water quality, we present the latest solutions in the European water treatment market.
  • The deironing mixture has been developed and manufactured using specialized German technology, which makes it very easy to clean the water. The iron content in groundwater often varies from traces to several tenths of mg / l. Manganese is present in amounts significantly lower than iron, and usually its content in water does not exceed several mg / liter. These elements dissolve in water in the form of many different compounds with different degrees of filtration from water. Bregus® BreMix allows you to filter these connections due to its unique composition.